Self-Service Checkout


A research study to determine the relationships between task performance and user attitudes of self-service checkout. The goal was to understand how user’s attitude toward self-service technology relates to their experiences using the technology. Three different methodologies were used to reach conclusions: interviews, hierarchical task analysis and link analysis.

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Public Transportation Services

Bus Research

Evaluating the inclusivity of public transportation for the aging user.

Kinchbus provides bus services for Loughborough, UK from downtown to the train center and other locations throughout the city. While attending Loughborough University Design School, I choose to evaluate how well the service supports the elderly.

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Surgeons' Working Environment

Surgeon Research

An evaluation on the affect of patient size and port positioning on working posture. Project used observational, anthropometric and postural analyses data to determine range of body shapes and sizes accommodated by current set up and evaluate any work-related risks.

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